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  • Matthew Stanfield

    Very nice. I am a big fan of tiny spaces.

  • Very well designed. Probably among the smallest reasonable living spaces.

  • rcj

    very sweet
    it is interesting how all our most creative work comes out of dealing with constraints and ideally finding the nugget that we wouldn’t have without the constraint

  • bob

    What a shame your design is illegal under Durham’s UDO code, which requires a dwelling unit to be in excess of 400sf. Just one of the many ways the planning department prevents the growth of affordable housing in Durham.

  • Me too!

  • Thanks!

  • So true. constraints are good.

  • Very true. The UDO is not very flexible for tiny units. Although, most jurisdiction have similar restrictions. I’ve seen a lot of folks get around that by putting the unit on wheels so they are technically a mobile home instead of a fixed residence to get around that problem. In this case it’s part of an overall house (not technically a separate for rent space). It’s basically a man-cave. A man cave of awesomeness.

  • kballantyne

    When we lived in Scotland we purchased a flat at 475 s.f.. It was really rather commodious for me, my wife and small son. We could have lopped off a clean 150 s.f. without issue. Clever design and an understanding that small-space living is actually quite a satisfying affair – winning combination. Well done.

  • Sarahsmilesalot

    I am converting a 10 x 12 ft. shed into a backyard retreat/guest house. Wish I had your help!